Coaching Testimonials

“Nancy has an amazing warmth to her coaching presence that supports me unconditionally. Through our conversations I have gained important awarenesses, opening up new possibilities in my life.”

Caroline Cochran

Caroline Cochran, PhD

JEMM Consulting, LLC
“Within a coaching session, Nancy has a way with holding presence and presenting powerful questions with an energetic ease.” 
Madia V. Swicord, LMT, ERTY500
Chattanooga Yoga School Director

“Nancy Scannell fully embodies the ideals of the coaching profession.  Her vitality and presence in service to her clients transforms space and facilitates creative and imaginative thought.  As an active listener, she assists in helping clients realize their greatest potential.”

MaryAnn W Anderson ACC, CDWF, Executive Coach

“Nancy Scannell brings a spirit of enthusiasm and heartfelt encouragement to all that she does, whether advising an uncertain first-year college student or mentoring a colleague who’s navigating institutional cultures and how to better serve students and the university.  A gifted communicator, Nancy is genuine and sincere–someone whose thoughtfulness and intelligence is always marshalled in service to others, their potential, and a greater communal good.”


Anna R. Stewart, PhD
Assistant Dean, Christ College
Valparaiso University