Lead the life you want to live!

I partner who people who intentionally work toward positive change through self-discovery, action steps, and accountability. They own the process. I guide them through it.

I offer trust, confidentiality, and unconditional positive regard in my client relationships. Through coaching, clients learn, grow, and gain a better understanding of purpose and meaning in their lives.

My clients report that I guide them in clarifying goals, identifying obstacles, and creating  strategies that lead toward desired outcomes.

You may find yourself wondering why you habitually react to situations, relationships, and triggers, and perhaps you want to explore alternative ways of solving problems or addressing issues. I ask artful questions to help you get to the heart of your behaviors. Through mindful reflection, and mind/body/heart exercises, you may find yourself deeply connected to the present moment. Presence is key to self-awareness and resilience as opposed to habit-driven behaviors and interpretations that limit our personal growth.

I partner with clients to help them become more self-generative, more mindful, and more intentional about how they lead, serve others, and make choices. Recognizing the freedom to choose often opens clients to new possiblities and new ways of being.

How are coaching sessions structured?

Coaching sessions are co-designed with my clients. Conversations and exercises are based on what matters. So often, we spend our days in a whirlwind of frenetic energy or in mundane states of habitual behavior without any real sense of purpose or presence. Through reflection, honesty, confidentiality and commitment to change, my clients learn new ways of problem solving, engaging, and living.

Coaching sessions typically begin with centering and grounding exercises that establish a state of presence free from distraction. Most coaching interactions involve reporting on previously determined action steps based on agreed upon accountability in the desire to alter behavior, interpretations, perspectives.  Clients choose the focus of their sessions based on their own needs and situations. Each session is customized to initiate positive change.

What is a coaching partnership agreement?

The coaching partnership agreement is grounded in trust, confidentiality, and unconditional positive regard. Clients identify situations, reactions, habits, behaviors, and responses that they wish to change, and clients discern action steps that will move them toward desired outcomes. Clients agree to be accountable in their commitments, and I help uncover the subtleties that lead to success or the discovery of an alternative approach.

As human beings, we struggle. And often we don’t realize that we can discover solace within ourselves. Through the miracle of attention and conversation, thoughtful self-reflection, somatic exercises, and the awareness of the deep connection between the mind, body and spirit, we grow in our love for ourselves and others.

How can I learn more?

Please schedule an introductory meeting with me by e-mailing Nancy.Scannell@gmail.com. We can discuss your goals and what type of contract would help you lead the life you want to live.